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Follow along and let’s learn gardening together! What started as a hobby with a few plants has turned in to an obsession that takes over the yard and house!

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Tulip Bulbs in dirt

Tulip Bulbs – Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

I planted some Tulip bulbs over the weekend. Fall is the best time to plant the bulbs if you want flowers in the spring. I planted 70 Tulip bulbs this weekend in the front flower bed. It was quite a bit of work but the results come March will be worth it. Preparing the FlowerContinue reading “Tulip Bulbs – Fall Planting for Spring Flowers”

Buying Plants on Ebay?

Like most people, I had only ever bought plants at garden centers or nurseries. I had never thought about buying plants on Ebay. My recent experience changed my mind. I’ve always wanted to add Birch trees to my landscaping. I really like the overall look and the tree bark. I just wasn’t as excited aboutContinue reading “Buying Plants on Ebay?”

close up photo of green clover plants

Clover Lawn Benefits

My plan next year is to add more clover to my lawn. I’ve stopped using weed killer and pesticides where possible. So I’ve begun to look for more alternatives to just a monoculture lawn. A typical goal of thick, lush Bermuda grass can use a lot of labor, water, and chemicals. While researching this approachContinue reading “Clover Lawn Benefits”

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Hi, I’m JT. I want to share with you what I’ve learned about gardening! The great thing about gardening is you can make a change today and see the impact tomorrow. Gardening can also be a great family activity. Read more

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